About Rick Parker.

A native of a Boston, Massachusetts suburb, I transplanted to the Bay Area in Northern California, along with my wife, Lori. We've lived outside of San Francisco for three decades, raising three children and a whole passel of pets along the way.

Recently, I had my first novel, 'When Worlds Collide: A Novel of Morocco,' published by Green Ivy Publishing. As the book synopsis says, 

"The Kingdom of Morocco is a quiet, conservative country. At least it was before Karly Winfield arrived. Her best years may be in the rearview mirror, but buxom Karly can still turn heads. Traveling with her portly husband, from the exotic suuqs of Marrakech to the High Atlas Mountains to medieval Fes, Karly leaves a trail of cultural faux pas in her wake as the middle-aged couple bickers its way across North Africa.

However, impressions change when the Winfields encounter strange phenomena in the lonely and ancient village of Tiz Tisgui, located high in the barren mountains of central Morocco. In this isolated locale that evokes a prior age, villagers believe in Jinn and other supernatural beings, while incorporating their steadfast Islamic faith into their humble daily existence.

Without warning, science, religion, and everything in between begin to collide in unexpected ways. Even the Prime Minister of the Kingdom of Morocco and the President of the United States are unable to stave off catastrophe. The best they can hope for is to somehow contain the ensuing damage.

In the aftermath of the events they were unexpectedly thrust into, Morocco in general and Karly Winfield in particular, find themselves changed, down to their very cores. Neither will ever be the same.
When Worlds Collide is, in turn, a travelogue, a mystery, and a comedy. But, most importantly, it's about being human and learning to coexist."

The book is available in paperback and as an e-book at www.greenivybooks.com and at many of the bookstore websites that you frequent (Note: While I have several unpublished manuscripts in draft form, any other books you currently find by Rick Parker are written by a different author). Below is the link to my novel on the Green Ivy Publishing site:


Despite having a day job, my real passions are traveling to experience different cultures, writing, and taking pictures. I'm hoping to integrate these three interests on this website and share the results with you.

I hope to turn this into a dialogue, so your comments to my blog posts will be most welcome.
Photo credit: Lori Saltmarsh
Book Review Comments:

This was an impressive book, to say that I really enjoyed reading this book was an understatement. To give this author anything less than a 5 out of 5 on the Goodreads scale would be a lie.

Not only did he bring to life a country that I have never been to, he made it possible to insert myself into his book and follow along with the main characters Kent and Karly who are just in Morocco on vacation…so they seem to think anyways.

-- Sarah Oliverson


I thought the book was well written and was a novel way of bring up a very complex problem.

-- Hazen Saltmarsh


A not quite retired couple leave their grown children to experience a bit of the exotic life. While they experiment with the culture of Morocco and try to stay out of trouble, they discover much more than the trinkets in the markets. Their heart open to the people, terrain, religion and experience all the cultural clash as imagined. But when things really get weird in that sunny, sandy country, they become much more than tourists. They become – involved. Using what can only be described as good old American know how, they inveigle, connive, convince and manage to become emissaries in a most comical way. Parker’s descriptions of this area of the world are breathtaking and the imagination to create the events is enthralling. 

An advanced copy of this book was provided for an honest review.

-- Cat Shannon


A carefully crafted and highly entertaining novel, "When Worlds Collide" is a compelling read from beginning to end -- and even learn a little bit about a Moroccon Islamic culture as a beneficial counter to the Islamic terrorist distortions of one of the world's great monotheistic religions. An absorbing, compelling, engaging, and enjoyable read, "When Worlds Collide" is very highly recommended for community library General Fiction collections. It should be noted for personal reading lists that "When Worlds Collide" is also available in a Kindle edition ($18.99).

-- Midwest Book Review


Wow! What a great read! The funny parts made my throat close up in parts! They were hilarious! Morocco is forever changed when tourists, Karly and Kent Winfield, happen upon the place. There is no censoring Karly in such a religious place. She has little respect for anything as long as she can say exactly what she wants, as loud as she wants.

Once they enter the small town of Tiz Tisgul, the Moslem men call Kent and Karly witches when weird, geological anomalies suddenly take place, and after Kent pulls a dead body out of a tourist cave. Their riat manager tries to tell them what the villagers think of them and why.

It isn't until the Rita's manager's wife tells them to see a science professor when they reach Fez, that they learn about the ancient Moslem superstitions of jinn and an ifirat, and their coexistence with modern scientific thought and how compatible science and religion really is. Were the Winfields on to simple tricks played by the evil jinn or is the end of the earth as we know it absolutely imminent? Will the Winfields be kicked out of Morrocco before their sight seeing is over? Only by reading this treasure will you find out for sure. You will love every bit of it as much as I did!

-- C.M. Anderson